Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long time no see

Thanks for your patience as it has been a while since I last updated. I spent a few days home with Linda to help her get around and grab things for her especially when things were upstairs :) She is doing a lot better now so that is an answer to prayers. I also had my senior pictures taken over the weekend. We went to an old castle that used to belong to a count. The pictures turned out great! I couldn't be more pleased. Sunday we traveled up to the mountains where we enjoyed a small walk and lunch. The views were incredible!! I wish there were mountains closer to my home. At midnight on Monday my parents landed in Cluj!! I was so excited to see them!! I'm pretty sure that I didn't stop smiling the entire ride to the airport. Today I was able to take them around town for a little while. It was really fun to show my dad where to go because usually he is always bringing us around. Although, I'm sure it probably won't last long because he is a really good navigator. I was able to show them a few of the churches and bring them to the top of a hill to see all of Cluj. We enjoyed lunch at a restaurant that served American-style food and it was very delicious. At night we went over to Andi and Linda's house where I introduced my parents to the neighbors and took them for a walk through the village. Over all it was a very good day. I am thankful that my parents are able to spend time with me here and I am very glad to have them here. Thanks again for all the prayers. They have definitely been felt.

Andi and Linda's house.  Very nice area away from the city and very quiet.
Andi and Linda's neighbors (Don and his Mother, Father was in the house)
Dad and David feeding the chickens.
Dad and David again, waiting for the cows to come home.
The cows come home at 7:20pm (I know you were going to ask)

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  1. so I guess "waiting for the cows to come home" might not be so long after all! Glad to hear your parents made it there safely - what fun to be able to show them around! We're getting ready for next week's vacation with friends at a "beach house" near Elk Rapids, cutting off most communications. I'll miss the end of your journey blogs, but continue to pray for an awesome time with your parents and a safe trip home. See you soon! Kris