Monday, July 11, 2011

Our trip is sadly coming to an end

Well, we are sad to say that we are leaving tomorrow. Although we miss the little buddy (Alex), we really have had a great time and don't want the time to end. There are so many other things we would have loved to see yet, but we are just thankful we got to see what we did.

Today we went to Ostia Beach. It's about 30 minutes away and we could get there by taking the subway. We went to a private beach (most of them are private which means you have to pay to get on the beach). The fee included a lounge chair for each of us and a table and a beach umbrella. Having those things included made us feel a bit more willing to pay to access the beach since obviously Brad didn't let me pack the beach chairs and umbrella. Even sitting in the shade most of the time we got sunburned. It was very hot today in the mid 90's and you could not walk on the sand barefeet without burning your feet. The water in the Mediterranean sea was so warm. Even though it was salt water, it felt great! We had done so much walking and sightseeing during the last week we decided that a relaxing day on the beach sounded good. And, we found out that a lot of the tourist attractions are closed on Monday's anyhow.

We will be getting our last gelato tonight. We will miss that treat when we get home. There is a little shop just up the road from our hotel and we have been there every night to get our nighttime snack. Mmm Mmm. Last night I thought I would try something different and I am not sure what happened (probably had something to do with the language barrier) but I got 1/2 of caramel (which I wanted) and 1/2 lemon (which I didn't order or even point at). The lemon was sooooo tart! And, mixing it with the caramel was not a good combination. Oh well, that's what happens sometimes when we don't speak Italian and they don't speak English. Tonight I might just stick with mint chocolate chip.

Thanks for reading our blog. We look forward to getting home and sleeping in our own bed again. But, we would also be ready to leave next week if we had the opportunity. We love to travel and are already discussing where we are going on the next trip. It probably won't be for a few years, but planning it is 1/2 the fun.

Brad was just checking his work e-mail and saw there were some huge storms that went through the area and took out some trees. We will go and check the local news websites now.

Kathy (and Brad and Beth)

Condo's on the beach

Mediterranean sea from our beach chairs

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