Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicken chips??

Today I went to the school but was picked up early by a family friend who had offered to take me around town. She is 10 years old and took me all around Cluj all afternoon. It was so much fun! First she took me to an art gallery where there were a few statues. Then she walked me through central park (no, not the NY one). Then we went back to the main part of the city where she took me to some more Churches. I know I have been talking about churches a lot on here but they really are breath-takingly beautiful. Sometimes I just stand in them and think this can't be real. Then she took me shopping. It was really fun because she took me through all the side streets and we weaved in and out of shops. It was a awesome day. While we were out we stopped at a little grocery store where I saw Lays brand chips but the chips were chicken flavored. Of course I had to try them and they were actually pretty good. The girl that took me spoke broken English so we did a lot of pointing. We laughed at each other a lot because we both want to communicate so bad but it is just very difficult. I also had more covrig today. That stuff is just so good! :) Tonight we had some guests come to visit us. Andi has some friends that live in the southern part of Romania and they are taking a motorcycle trip around the country. Tonight and tomorrow night they are staying in our backyard. It was kind of funny because they introduced themselves to me in Romanian and then when I said hello back they went Oh she doesn't understand us. haha. Another beautiful day in Romania. I hope it stays like this the rest of my time here. Thanks again for the prayers.


  1. Chicken chips? Not that's a new one! Good for you for trying them. We will have to bring some home for Alex.

    Andi and Linda are so gracious, now they have even more guests at their house. A motorcycle trip around the country sounds like a lot of fun. Don't tell dad, he has been on a motorcyle kick lately. I think one day he will be pulling up in the driveway with a Harley. Don't ever say I did'nt tell you, you have now been forewarned.

    Those churches just sounds beautiful! Now make sure you start a list of things that we can see when we get there. We won't have much time, so we want to see everything we can. We are planning on you being our tour guide.

    Love, Mom

  2. Perhaps you can prepare us all a Romanian meal when you get back !? Including the chicken chips! Today we're trying to decided whether to go to Great America tomorrow or not. The weather is really unsettled - grrrr - what to do? Maybe you'll get to go with us after all! Glad you're having some good weather.