Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today started like any other at the school. I got a few more pictures that will be coming soon. At about noon the teacher said I could go on a walk today if I wanted. So I went on a walk to find a McDonald's because I have to know where it is so my dad doesn't starve while he's here. ;) I had never been brought there before but we pass it every morning on our drive so I thought I could figure it out. It was really simple. Follow the main street to the end and turn right. Besides having to do some weird things to get to cross walks it worked out fine. While there I got something to eat because when doesn't a burger sound good for 3.5 lei? ($1) Then I went back to one of the city center to eat. Afterwards I walked around some more just to get a better feel for where certain things are. I walked past a shop that had soccer jerseys in the window. My brother asked me to get one for him so I stopped in. There were no kids sizes but I looked on the clearance rack for something for my dad. When I found a good one I proceeded to the checkout. The lady there started talking to me in Romanian so I apologized and said I didn't speak Romanian. She must not have cared because she just kept talking. I continued to nod and smile like I knew what she was saying. Then all of a sudden she looks at me and goes Congratulations!! I start to look around thinking what is happening? There was no confetti or guys running out with a big check so I don't think I won anything, it must have been the only English she knew and just decided to say it without knowing what it meant. Well at least it gave me a laugh for the day. :)

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  1. You are getting quite independent! Good thing you found a McDonalds within waking distance, I think dad will survive now when we get there. I can just picture you walking around. Glad you are feeling more confident now. (We were so worried you would get lost.)

    I could just picture you in the store, looking around wondering if you were the 100th shopper or something. At least she tried to say something to you. Hopefully you can learn some words too, at least please and thank-you would be a start.

    Love, Mom