Saturday, June 18, 2011

A salty bath

Today began with me at the school from 8-2. Then David (the oldest boy of the family I am staying with who goes to the school I am helping out at) and I were picked up by Linda (The owner of the school/Davids mom) and brought to a saltwater lake. It was different for me since I am so used to lake Michigan and fresh water but it was still a good relief to a hot day. What was really neat was that the water was so salty you actually floated!! It was quite strange being in water and not having to work to say afloat. We ate lunch there where I was able to try mititei. It is a traditional Romanian food that is cooked on the grill. It is made of pork and it tasted a lot like a brat. Then after a good few hours of swimming we went to Andi's (Linda's husband/Davids father) mother and sisters house for dinner. Andi's mom made fried chicken and mashed potatoes. It was so good to have some familiar food. :) I was also able to Skype my dad tonight for a little bit. My dad wanted me to let everyone know that he changed the settings on my blog so that now anyone can add a comment. :)

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  1. does that mean you haven't been getting my little inspirational notes?? Ahhh. Anyway - it's been fun following your adventure! Yey for salt water floating and ice-cream, fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Glad you're enjoying some native food as well. Sounds like a great week for you.

    Warm and muggy in W. MI today, but not unbearable. Probably calls for some ice-cream! Still thinking about you and praying for you,

    K and M