Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saw my family today

Today started with me being able to sleep in. It was a nice change to having to get up at 6:20 during the week. The afternoon was spent at one of the two malls here in Cluj. I walked through a few stores but didn't see anything that I couldn't get at home (why waste the luggage space?). Then we went the a grocery store that was located inside the mall. Now this is still weird to me because I have never been in a mall in the U.S that has a grocery store in it yet it seems that every mall in other countries (Romania/Philippines) do. It makes sense so I think the U.S needs to catch on. Before we left the mall I asked to go to McDonalds because I really wanted a hamburger. I stopped there on our way out and it was worth it. We got home early afternoon so I was able to skype my family. It took a while for the technology on my end to work but we eventually got it going. My webcam didn't work so my family couldn't see me but I could see them. It was good to know that they are surviving without me. ;) I asked them to bring a few things when they come in 2 weeks and I told them all about the Germany/Bucharest airports for when they are trying to navigate through them. haha. Thanks again for the love and prayers while I am over here. I really do appreciate them.

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