Monday, June 13, 2011

She made it!

We just heard from Beth about an hour ago. She made it to Cluj, Romania and our friends were there at the airport. I am sure she was so glad to see some familiar faces.

We will let Beth give you all the details, but the short version is her flight from Washington, DC to Munich, Germany left 90 minutes late so she missed her scheduled flight from Munich to Cluj. But, our world traveler just decided to take a different flight which took her to Bucharest and then from Bucharest to Cluj. What's another flight in a 24 hour day? So in the end she arrived about 6 hours later than originally planned. But she arrived and so did her luggage. YEAH!

Romania is 7 hours ahead of us, so at least it's getting close to their nighttime so hopefully she will get some much needed sleep soon.

Thanks for all your prayers on her behalf. It was a bit unnerving for Brad and I to see her walk down the terminal in Chicago yesterday and then we were besides ourselves last night when we realized that she was going to miss her flight in Germany and there was no way for us to communicate with her. But, God was with her and we will let her update you all on just who He sent to her. 

Love you Beth!!


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  1. Yey!! the adventure begins. Can't wait to hear the next chapter! God Bless!