Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm really starting to like it here.

Today was awesome. I went to the school in the morning where I took a few pictures of the kids to show what goes on there. Then I decided that I wanted to go somewhere for lunch so I left for about an hour to go grab something to eat from the city. I felt pretty confident on where to go and what to do but i was a little nervous. I got to the city center in about a 20 min. walk. Then I went down a side street to a kabob restaurant that I saw yesterday when I was being brought around. I knew what I wanted last night so I google translated the veggies that I wanted and wrote them down. I have never had to do research the night before for going out for lunch but today was an exception. Now just so you are aware the kabob is not meat on a stick, rather it is chicken, and fries warmed on a tortilla shell and then topped with veggies and sauce. I got to the window and said to the guy, "sorry I don't speak Romanian" and handed him my piece of paper. The only thing he had to ask was if I wanted a big one or a small one. I said small and I'm glad I did because it was HUGE. Then I walked to a plaza (where the ice cream festival was) and ate. I finished about half and will save the other half for lunch tomorrow. Tonight we had dinner with the bikers from the backyard. We had some mititei, french fries, and salad. It was all very good. Then one of the bikers said that he was willing to take me for a short ride if I wanted. Of course I said yes! He took me up the street and through the pasture. It was really fun. I got a video of it so I will try and download it if I can. On Sunday Linda told me to make it a goal to try something new every day that I am here. She said that it doesn't have to be food but just something. Well today was a pretty big day so I told her that today should cover the next two days. :)

The kids like to pretend that the radiator is a piano

 The kids enjoy playing ring-around-the-rosey

All fall down

This is my lunch view. So awesome!


  1. Sounds like you are getting more adventuresome everyday. We are so glad you are feeling comfortable there. And, good for you for looking up some words and writing them down just so you could order some lunch. Way to be independent! Just watch, your going to know Romanian by the time you get home.

    We love the pictures. Looks like the kids are having a good time. You should do Simon Says with them, I bet they would think that was a lot of fun.

    Not much new over here, however I start my Spanish class next week. Just thought I would let you know.

    Can't wait to see you soon!! We are counting down the days here. I even got the suitcase out yesterday. There isn't anything in it yet, but at least it's out.

    Love you so much and are so proud of you! Take care and keep on smiling!

    Love, Mom (and dad & Alex)

  2. Hi Beth - I am so jealous!! I love to travel and it sounds like you are experiencing lots of fun things that you never get to do just on a trip somewhere. Glad that you are brave and dare to try things even on your own. Says alot about you. Have lots of fun. We are having small group picnic tonight. At the park if the weather cooperates or here at our house if it doesn't. We will miss you. See you soon. Ed and Joyce Koster

  3. Bikers? On the pasture?
    Oh my!! I can wait to see the video! It looks like all the fun started only after i left...