Thursday, June 23, 2011


Not much happened today. I went to school like normal where everyone seemed very sleepy. haha. I walked through town again today but was surprised when the city center was blocked off because they are setting up a stage for a concert this weekend. I walked around trying to make sure I could get certain places on my own. I was successful. :) I was walking through a small side street where there are booths set up with different things. At the end an old lady was selling flowers. Before I knew it there were some in my hand. I asked her how much they were and she didn't say anything or even react. I continued to ask but finally gave up and said thank you and started to walk away. That woke her up "no no no buy" she said. I turned around and again asked how much. I feel that at this point she should have know what I was asking and held up fingers. Well she again didn't answer so I pulled the smallest bill I had out of my wallet and asked if it was OK. She nodded so I walked away. I guess they really know how to trick the tourists. ;) We are getting a thunderstorm right now so it is the second time that it has rained since my being here. From what I hear though it sounds like MI has been getting some pretty bad storms? Hope everyone stays safe.

Kids playing futbol/soccer

Blowing kisses

Lunch time

Better picture of outside of church


  1. Hope you are enjoying your flowers. It's hard when you don't know how much to pay them. You don't want to just take them, but I can imagine you didn't quite no what to do. Sounds like you handled it though.

    Who is coming in concert? Do you know?

    Yes, we have been having quite a bit of rain and much cooler temps lately.

    Talk to you later.

    Love, Mom

  2. Hey Beth! You are definately not missing out on summer weather. It hasn't been very sunny or warm... but that should come later(or that's what I'm telling myself). I'm glad that you didn't develop a syndrom that magically puts flowers in your hands because that wouldn't be good(but it would be funny:)
    Hope you are having an amazing time and trying lots of funky foods
    miss you

  3. Hi Beth - here is my 2nd try to do this. Sounds like you are having wonderful adventures and seeing lots of unique things!!! God has blessed us with a wonderful world!!! GEMS started out with a bang last Wed nite. I met my co-leader to put labels on flyers for girls at VBS inviting them to GEMS and also to take her out for her birthday supper. The sun was shining when I walked in Big Boy. We just finished eating and the chaos started. The sky was black and loud thunder and rain came down so hard, I couldn't see across the parking lot. All of a sudden the manager came running thru the restaurant and locked the door. She turned around and said "Tornado warning - everybody in the walk-in cooler". That was the start of the freak-out. There was about 30 of us packed like sardines in this cold-brrr cooler. I was praying the electric didn't go out and we would be in pitch blackness. Well, Beth, as I was looking around at the people, I thot about you. A big older man with a long white beard wearing bib overalls and a holey (not holy) T-shirt. His wife smiled and was missing a tooth. Then I looked at the this other woman and laughed, cause her hair was flat and had a strange part in back where it shouldn't be (she must of slept on it and forgot to comb her hair before going out to eat - hmmmm-imagine that). Then I saw a young man and thot we'll he's not too bad, but then he turned around and smiled - he had yellow buck teeth and was unshaven. That's when I thot of you - because you would say "Must be we're in Allegan County". I know you are laughing now. Now you know the story of how GEMS started out with a bang!!! I'm glad you are safe over there and that God is watching over you. He loves you and so do I. Love, Aunt Nancy

  4. Hi again Beth - since you don't have too many comments I thought I would add mine too. We had another rainy day in Michigan. Not too rainy but just dark and dreary. Hopefully better tomorrow. It was easy to stay in today and bake and clean the house a little. Glad you are having a fun time there. You are very adventurious the way it sounds. That is the way to learn new things I guess. We had our small group picnic on Wed. night. It was cool and not the best but the kids could run and play in the park and we had lots of good food. You would have loved our food!!!! I imagine you are anxious to see your mom and dad soon. Have lots of fun with them there. You can show them around now. We will be praying for all of you! Ed and Joyce Koster

  5. Beth
    next time take a picture of the flower lady-tell her is the pay for the flowers :))just joking here!
    we are seeing your mom & dad tonight-finally-did not see them since new year!
    take care