Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its Beautiful Here

Well I have finally arrived in Cluj after a long 30 hours of travel and about 36 hours without sleep. When planning for this trip, I kept saying to myself once I get onto my plane to Germany everything will be fine because I knew the German airport was just one long line of gates so it wouldn't be hard to navigate through. Little did I know that when I got onto my plane to Germany was when everything would go wrong. I had a three hour layover in Washington DC where there was a small thunderstorm. It passed pretty quickly so I assumed that it wouldn't affect my plane. When we boarded for Germany they told us that we would have to wait 30 minutes because the storm was in our flight path. To keep a long story short we didn't take off for 2 hours. They said we would land at 9:20 AM and my next flight took off at 9:25 AM so I figured they would announce the gate information on the plane and then I would run to my next gate. It ended up that we landed at 9:05 AM so I thought I would have enough time to find my gate and still catch my flight. When I got off the plane I asked the first person at a computer that I saw if they could look up the gate info for me. She said I had to look it  up myself on one of the screens. Well there weren't any screens anywhere around, so I started walking past gates to try and see if any of them said Cluj. None of them did and there were no workers at any of them either. I finally found a gate with someone at it so I asked if he could tell me where to go. After typing in lots of numbers into his computer he looked at me and said I can't help you. So I then went and got into line at the airlines help desk. The guy that helped me there was so nice and even let me use his phone to call the people that were going to pick me up in Cluj to tell them I would be late. He said I would have to go to gate H16 and fly to Bucharest and then to Cluj. So I thought I would just go to my gate and wait. I walked to gate H15 and then there was a glass wall blocking H16 and the rest of the gates. So I walked around and found that in order to get to H16 I had to go through security. So I walked up to security and they told me I couldn't go through because I was too early because my flight left at 12:45 and it was only 10:45. They said to come back at 12. So at 11:45 I started walking back towards security. They started talking to me in German so I walked away. I asked a flight attendant where to go and she said that if I went to get H15 the doors would be opened. Eventually they were so I walked through only to find that the gate had been changed to H25. so then I walked all the way back. When walking up to my gate a guy asked me (In English yay!) if I really went to Davenport University because I was wearing a Davenport sweatshirt. I said that no my mom went there. He said that he was from the GR area. I said that I was also. We started talking and he also missed the flight to Cluj and was re booked through Bucharest. Once again to keep a long story short we stuck together throughout the rest of the day and if it wasn't for him I would have had a much harder time navigating through the airports. I am so thankful that I met him because he made the last part of my travels much easier. I got into Cluj at 6:30ish and slept 14 hours my first night here. (Tired much?) The family that I am staying with has a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 yr old. The oldest one (David) spent this afternoon sleeping on my lap in the yard. He speaks multiple languages (English, Romanian, Hungarian) and thinks its funny to speak to me in different languages because he knows that I don't understand. I told him that every time he talks to me in a different language that I am going to talk to him in Spanish. That's all for today. I have pictures but they don't want to work for me today. I will try and email them to my parents and have them post them.

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  1. Sounds like your own personal "Amazing Race!" Way to go!